I've been busy these days! 

My dream has always been to create and fill my shop with items that have always appealed to me when I would go shopping with my mom. You know which sections of the stores I'm talking about? Those little sections that contained thank you cards, purses, cute little wallets and change purses, fun jewelry and odds and ends that look great as little decorations for your desk. 

I.lOVE.ALL.OF.IT! All that cute little stuff that you would find in that accessories sections at Target, World Market, Claire's, Department Stores. 

As an artist, I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to take my creativity but i soon realized that I enjoyed combining my visual design ideas with those little, cute and fun accessories. That is where I'm at right now. I've been slowly merging my abstract painting time into making and designing new merch for the shop. I want it to be a place for unique gift ideas and a place for positive and inspiring messages for those who need it most. All items are handcrafted and put together by us. Some images used in our necklaces are sourced from partners in other Etsy shops to offer a bigger variety of designs. All are made with love! 

This shop will soon be the eclectic mix of art and accessories I always dreamed it would be.